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Accelerate Growth

Create one of the most powerful trust signals for your users — data content provenance. We secure your data piece into the blockchain so that it is unalterable, immutable, and omnipresent.

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AI Content Protection

AI can steal your content and copyright information without your permission. If you hold content on the internet, you are likely to be included into AI training data without your consent.

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Blockchain Timestamping

We offer more than timestamping. ScoreDetect offers an all-in-one service that ticks the most boxes compared to any other competitor.

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Blockchain e-Notary

Increase proof of ownership, proof of integrity, and proof of existence with ScoreDetect’s blockchain e-Notary solution.

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With ScoreDetect, I can take pictures for my travel blog and be confident that nobody will claim them as theirs. I can always prove that I am the author.
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