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Create one of the most powerful trust signals for your users — data content provenance. We secure your data piece into the blockchain so that it is unalterable, immutable, and omnipresent.
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How ScoreDetect Boosts User Trust

Data Provenance

Empower your content with a rich history of revisions whilst also focusing on a privacy-first approach. ScoreDetect allows you to set yourself as “anonymous” or specify a unique custom username — or, your company or brand name.

Build trust through data provenance — one of the most powerful indicators of trust in the year 2024.

Verification Certificate

ScoreDetect offers several key indicators of trust through a Verification Certificate. Each piece of information proves trust towards the immutable data state in the blockchain. All of these are publicly available 24/7 for all your users to see — increasing user trust.

View a demo certificate here

Blockchain Timestamping

Empower every data piece or content piece with blockchain technology. ScoreDetect offers the fastest blockchain transaction creation time on the internet, whilst also offering the most affordable usage and seamless integrations.

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As a SaaS company owner, I find ScoreDetect to be a highly valuable tool for ensuring the integrity of our digital content.
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