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We offer more than timestamping. ScoreDetect offers an all-in-one service that ticks the most boxes compared to any other competitor on the market.
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ScoreDetect Blockchain Timestamping Features

Revision History

The more proof of time there is, the better. That is why ScoreDetect offers a Revision History through Versions, indicating the level of content provenance of each data content piece. The more chained certificates there are, the higher the version, the richer the provenance.

Verification Certificate

Create a Verification Certificate to display valuable information advocating trust into your data content piece. Each ScoreDetect verification certificate contains a Blockchain Timestamp, the User (whether anonymous, custom username, or default identity via email), Certificate Type, Version, Public Certificate URL, Public Blockchain URL, SHA-256 Checksum, and an option to “Validate” the certificate.

View a demo certificate here

Available in Any Data Content Type

ScoreDetect has the highest data availability — anything digital: text / audio / video / file / etc. — ScoreDetect can enable provenance for your data content. This means that you pay for 1 service to unlock as many integrations as possible.

ScoreDetect is also the fastest, most affordable, and most integrated solution for your blockchain timestamping needs.

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ScoreDetect is exactly what you need to protect your IP in this age of hyper-digitization. Truly an innovative product, I highly recommend it!
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