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Increase proof of ownership, proof of integrity, and proof of existence with ScoreDetect’s blockchain e-Notary solution.
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ScoreDetect Blockchain e-Notary Features

Blockchain Timestamping

Empower every e-Notary digital signature with blockchain technology. ScoreDetect offers the fastest blockchain transaction creation time on the internet, whilst also offering the most affordable usage and seamless integrations.

Verification Certificate

Every e-Notary stamp is created with a “Verification Certificate”. By creating a certificate, you display valuable information advocating your digital signature.

Time, User (anonymous, custom username, or default identity via email), Certificate Type, Version, Public Certificate URL, Public Blockchain URL, SHA-256 Checksum, and an option to “Validate” the certificate — if the visitor knows the contents.

View a demo certificate here

6000+ Apps Integrations with Zapier

ScoreDetect is an official partner of Zapier — with seamless integrations with 6000+ apps — including all of your favourite apps. Such as Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Contractbook, PandaDoc, DocuSign, and much more. You can easily automate your e-Notary stamping with your other apps.

Integrates with Your Files & Text

Create your automated workflows with Zapier by connecting with over 6000+ web apps.

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