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AI can steal your content and copyright information without your permission. If you hold content on the internet, you are likely to be included into AI training data without your consent.
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ScoreDetect AI Content Protection Features

Privacy-first Content Provenance

Empower your content with a rich history of revisions whilst also focusing on a privacy-first approach.

ScoreDetect allows you to set yourself as “anonymous” or specify a unique custom username, or use your default identity.

Easily Dispute Against AI

Because of ScoreDetect’s content provenance solution, your content is protected from Artificial Intelligence via training from internet data web scrapers.

Provide valuable information against your disputes with an immutable history through the blockchain.

No more relying on “Wayback Machine”, altered database records, or third-party web hosting for your legal compliance.

AI Copyright Protection

ScoreDetect allows you to increase copyright protection by saving immutable data states into the blockchain. We offer a valid JSON schema for any form of data content, in line with industry standards.

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With ScoreDetect, I can take pictures for my travel blog and be confident that nobody will claim them as theirs. I can always prove that I am the author.
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